Best 5 Must Use Forex Brokers for 2019 (Beginners)
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The Ultimate Top 5 UK Forex and CFD Brokers for Beginners 2019/202 Edition

Forex and CFD Brokers will assist you in buying or selling in the financial markets. The best Forex and CFD brokers in the UK are Trading 212, Robinhood, Etoro, City Index and BlackBull Markets. It's up to you to see which will be the best Forex/CFD broker for you.

1. Trading 212 Review

Trading 212 has a zero commission policy which definitely stands out. Beginners and experienced traders will benefit from using this broker. With over fourteen million downloads, Trading212 is a well-known UK Forex/trading broker. Rated as having the number one trading app in the UK since 2016, Trading212 charges no commission when trading CFDs. Too good to be true?

They have a demo account which means you can learn to trade without having to use your money. You can practice for free before you start trading with your own money. There are also plenty of instruments to choose from, meaning you can trade in the way you prefer out of their options. Trading 212 fees are really great and are one of the reasons they're number one on our list - There are ZERO commissions on any CFD products (contract for difference), so if you're serious about trading and making profit, then Trading212 has your back.

Trading 212 deposit and withdrawal is simple and easy to complete, Trading 212 has a small setup fee when opening a trading account. Furthermore, there is a minimum deposit condition of GBP100. However, there’s no charge on any withdrawal, and the process goes fast and easy. There only main downfall is there is an inactivity fee, so be aware of this when setting the account up.

Trading 212 is a complete CFD and Forex broker, they stand out of the crowd with their zero commission policy. Offering fantastic trading conditions and unparalleled trading experiences, we recommend Trading 212 to both beginners and experienced traders alike. Trading 212 can be considered a Forex factory, with its simplistic and perfect environment for trading both CFD and especially Forex asset, ideal for any beginner.

Our full Trading 212 review can be found on the broker page Here That contains every question you will have about this broker, including but not limited to:

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2. Etoro Review

A social networking UK Forex/CFD broker for traders, Etoro (UK Broker) exists since 2017. It quickly became a leading brokerage house, offering a unique trading experience. For instance, this is the single best UK CFD broker to receive FREE professional signals. Etoro provides Forex and CFD signals for free to traders which is a huge bonus. The forex and CFD signals are easy to follow too.

You can open an account with no minimum balance. Opening an account is a swift process - enabling a client to trade Forex, stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), Crypto, CFDs and several other markets.

Etoro fees may seem complicated to a few, so we thought we'd clear then air. There are no fees for depositing funds but there are fees if you withdraw, charging $25 for each withdrawal. The unique social experience comes at a high price. While keeping the trading costs low, the adjacent fees make it overall quite expensive. Etoro charges a withdrawal fee, inactivity fee, overnight fees, and has an overall high financing rate. Etoro fees are on the higher side as mentioned, however, this is due to the luxury of having low spreads, commissions and an amazing platform with so much opportunity to make money from the free Forex signals available.

The only way you can contact Etoro for support is via email, they do not offer any live chat or phone support.

When looking for a Forex signals comparison, Etoro comes on the top of the list every time. With a fun, an interactive trading platform, the overall experience, from funding the trading account until cashing out, is excellent with Etoro.

If you plan to use Forex signals then 100% they are the best Forex UK broker for you without a doubt, you can make a profit in the market with little to no experience - if you need any help setting up the forex signals on the platform then you can speak to us or Etoro support.

Our full Etoro review can be found on the broker page Here.

Our full Etoro review contains all the information you need to know about them, including:

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3. City Index Review

This Uk Forex broker is honest and makes it clear that traders should be aware that scamming is a possibility when trading. It is the UK's most promising and possibly best Forex broker.

There are relatively low fees when trading Forex. No commissions exist when using this broker, plus the deposit and withdrawal process is simple. CityIndex offer various forms of support, including phone, email and a chatbot.

City index fees, City Index has no withdrawal or deposit fees. The inactivity fee activates if no trades are taken in one year (GBP 12/month). Stock trading fees, on the other hand, top the highest range when compared to other online UK forex brokers. All in all, for both stock and Forex fees, City Index does have trading fees (commission and spreads) on the higher side yet this is the price you pay for a bespoke broker. This broker does not accept clients from the US or Canada.

Trading with City Index is safe and the environment extremely competitive. A true Uk forex broker that cares for the retail trader, it offers low fees and your funds are in safe hands.

Our full City Index review can be found on the broker page Here.

Our full City Index review contains the following:

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4. BlackBull Markets review

This UK Forex broker has a focus on individual traders. They are beginner-focused which is positive for people learning to trade.

Black Bull Markets have an FX Academy (trading course), giving all clients a wide range of videos of trading. As they are a smaller broker, they can dedicate more time to giving their clients a helping hand with their trading.

There is a free demo account available if you would like to practice trading first. In order to trade, there are some minimum deposits required. For a standard account, the minimum deposit is GBP200, GBP2000 for the prime account and GBP20000 for the institutional account.

Our full Blackbull Markets review can be found on the broker page Here.

5. Robinhood Trading Broker UK Review

Robinhood is a beginner-focused UK trading broker which has a place for crypto speculators as well as Stocks, ETFs and Options. A UK trading broker that is hyper-focused on newcomers to the financial markets, Robinhood UK trading broker offers a commission-free trading environment. A perfect UK trading broker for traders eager to begin trading financial markets.

There is no minimum deposit so you can start trading with $0 to gain experience. This broker does not charge any inactivity or withdrawal fees, so if you change your mind - you won't be charged for this as you would with some of the other CFD and Forex brokers. However Robinhood does offer analysts ratings and fundamental data, Robinhood’s platform allows newbie traders to benefit the most from what’s ahead. On the customer service side, Robinhood only offers email support. Though well managed and performant, it lacks the advantages of having live chat support or even phone support as other brokers have (e.g. Trading 212).

Robinhood does not offer any trading education or online trading courses which is not helpful for beginner traders. There is a commission fee for non-US stocks but they do not charge a commission fee for US stocks. Robinhood guarantees investment protection up to $500,000, functioning under the umbrella of a top tier financial authority.

Our full review can be found on the broker page Here.

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